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Memorial's MyHealth Patient Portal Program

Memorial Hospital in Chester has begun a program that will benefit the community and increase the give and take of personal health information between the hospital and the people it serves. The MyHealth Patient Portal program gives you the flexibility to access your health information and other resources on your time and between visits to Memorial Hospital.  The portal is available over the internet, which means that you can use it from virtually anywhere. You can also use the myhealth.mhchester.com  to access information for family members and individuals for whom you provide care if given permission.

The internet program works in conjunction with Memorial’s Meditec computer system, allowing patients the ability, through a secure password, to view their own private information. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable using computers, a designee can be appointed, such as a family member, to retrieve the desired information.

As a patient of Memorial Hospital, enrolling in the patient portal will allow you to:

  • View Appointments
  • View Your Medication List
  • Review Your Lab Results
  • Update Personal Information
  • See Visit History and Discharge Information

myhealth.mhchester.com is completely secure, so you can be confident that your private information is protected. Only you – or an authorized family member – can access your account. The patient portal protects access to this sensitive information through a number of security measures, including URL rewriting, encryption and customer-defined timeouts.

All in-patients at Memorial Hospital in Chester are now being instructed in this patient portal process, if they wish to be so advised and registered with the system. We hope this new tool will help you take an active role in your healthcare.

For more information, including enrollment details, please contact the hospital at 618 826 4581.

Please note that you will need the following information to sign up and reqister to use the portal:
Name:      Med Rec Number:

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