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Memorial is a Joint Commission Gold Seal approved hospital. We provide our patients the highest level of quality care in a secure safe environment.
Memorial Hospital Resourses

Free Support Groups and Tours
Stress and Coping Support Group meets every month, in Board Room. See Calendar for dates and time.

Diabetes Support Group usually meets Tuesday afternoons. Exact dates, times, locations for next meeting decided at previous meeting – in order to accommodate schedules.
Call Carmen Strong, R.N., for info: 618.826.4581, Ext. 1600

Free Prenatal Classes

Memorial Hospital in Chester holds prenatal classes several times throughout the year, for expectant families. The classes are held in the hospital’s conference room and are taught by Jill Arbeiter, R.N., and Julie Hartman, LPN.  In addition to working at Memorial Hospital, Arbeiter, is a part of Perryville Hospital’s OB department and Hartman, is a part of Women’s Health Care in Sparta.  Both Arbeiter and Hartman have many years of experience in educating expectant families.

Included in the class curriculum are such subjects as maternal nutrition, pregnancy complications, infant feeding, child safety, growth and development of the newborn, discipline and child rearing. Cesarean sections and anesthesia options are discussed and films are shown that educate the expectant family about many aspects of childbirth, Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques are introduced and practiced.

These classes are given free of charge to the public.
Pre-registration is not required, but is certainly preferred.

Anyone interested in registering for one of the classes is asked to call Memorial’s nursing office, 618-826-4581, Ext. 1223.








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Charity Care
Memorial Hospital's Charity Care Program: Persons may be eligible for financial assistance with their medical bills under the terms and conditions the hospital offers to qualified patients. For more information, please contact the Patient Accounts Department at 618-826-4581 ext: 1249 or 1228.

To apply for the Charity Care Program:

  • Print the application.
  • Complete and sign the application.
  • Return the application, along with copies of supporting documentation to the Patient Accounts Department. The application may either be delivered in person, or sent by mail to:

    Memorial Hospital
    Attention: Patient Accounts
    1900 State St.
    Chester, IL 62233

Hospital News & Events

Memorial Hospital recognized American Heart Health Month
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Conversion of a new electronic health record system. Details

What Do You Know About Family Medicine?

New Seamans CT scanner
Memorial Hospital purchase state of the art low dose, state of the art CT scanner. Read Details

Care Transition Program
FREE program to help patients have better outcomes at home.
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Memorial Hospital is offering a new program
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Memorial Hospital is now offering the
Home Noxturnal Sleep Study

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Diabetes Training

Rapid Pass

Memorial Hospital featured in article Communtiy Links 10 Great Reasons
Chester, Illinois

10 reasons
kari schaefer Kari Schaefer was presented with the 2016 Isreal D. Newmark Memorial Service Award.
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IDPH recognizes Memorial Hospital Chester for being certified as a “Stroke Ready Hospital” Read more

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CEO, Brett Bollmann named Morgan Bendorf Employee of the Quarter for 4th Quarter 2016.
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Morgan Brendorf

Free Prenatal Classes
Memorial Hospital in Chester holds prenatal classes several times throughout the year.
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FREE Prenatal Classes. . . Read More

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