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Memorial Hospital Holds Annual Winter Party

Memorial Hospital held its annual employee party on Friday, January 20th at the American Legion hall in Steeleville. During the party employees, physicians and members of the Board of Directors enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the American Legion Auxiliary and were honored for their years of service to Memorial Hospital. Concluding the meal and awards, attendees were entertained by Chris Eagleston, Comedic Magician and dancing by Memory Lane Music. Memorial Hospital’s CEO, Brett Bollmann, presented service awards following the meal.  

Those receiving awards were: 

Five years: Amy Brown, Tifanie Conway, Torrie Davitz, Jennifer Donjon, Beverly Froemling, Brandy Hagene, Susan McCarson, Christine McDaniel, Heather Schuessler, Lisa Wingerter. 

Ten years: Nathan Bartnicki, Apryl Bradshaw, Susan McCoy, Kathy Roy, Norma Schneider, Linda Young.

Fifteen years: Georgia Allen, Laura Cleiman, Ronda Fritsche, Janice Korando, Kim Ruebke, Gennine Westerman, Holly Wettig, Heather Williamson. 

Twenty years: Carla Fedderke.  

Thirty years: Jacinta Mulholland, Janet Straight.  

Thirty-Five Years: Beth Runge. 

Forty Years: Carol Buckholtz, Carol Schulein. 

Retirees:  Anna Carpenter, Terri Cushman, Pamela Fuhrhop, Linda Miller, Linda Niermann, Angela Riester, Pamela Roberts, Anna May Rose, Roger Schroeder, Brenda Thies. 

Dr. Scott Hinze, presented the prestigious Israel D. Newmark Memorial Service Award to Kari Schaefer, RN and Discharge Planner, whom has dedicated over 14 years of service to Memorial Hospital.



5 year – Left to Right : Brett Bollmann, Christine McDaniels, Heather Schuessler, Brandy Hagene, Jennifer Donjon, Amy Brown (Not pictured: Tifanie Conway, Beverly Froemling, Susan MCCarson, Lisa Wingerter)

10 year – Left to Right :  Apryl Bradshaw, Kathy Roy, Brett Bollmann, Susan McCoy, Linda Young (Not pictured: Nathan Bartnicki, Norma Schneider)

15 year - Left to Right : Brett Bollmann, Gennine Westerman, Kim Ruebke, Laura Cleiman (Not pictured: Georgia Allen, Ronda Fritsche, Janice Korando, Holly Wettig, Heather Williamson)

20 year – (Not Pictured: Carla Fedderke)

30 year – (Not Pictured: Jacinta Mulholland, Janet Straight)

35 year – (Not Pictured: Beth Runge)

40 year -
Left to Right : Carol Buckholtz, Brett Bollman, Carol Schulein-Buch


Retirees – Left to Right : Anna May Rose, Linda Niermann, Pamela Fuhrhop, Brett Bollmann

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