Bone Density Screening

Bone Density Screening

Memorial Hospital is proud to be able to offer the latest in technology to our community by offering DEXA (Dual ener-gy x-ray absorptiometry) bone densi-tometry testing. DEXA scans can meas-ure the density of your bones. The den-sity of your bones is directly related to bone strength. Doctors can predict the potential for fractures and osteoporosis through the DEXA scan results.
As we age, the threat of bone fractures and osteoporosis become more of a re-ality. A simple and painless exam can now detect these conditions early and in some cases prevent them from getting worse.

“DEXA is the preferred method for diag-nosing osteoporosis. This test looks at bone mineral density at important sites of osteoporotic fractures with high accu-racy and moderate cost and involves minimal radiation exposure.”

Guidelines from multiple organizations including the American College of Ob-stetrics and Gynecology, the U.S. Pre-ventive Services Task Force, and the National Osteoporosis Foundation, rec-ommend beginning DEXA screening for osteoporosis at age 65 in women and age 70 in men with no risk factors. Post - menopausal women younger than 65 should only be screened with DEXA if they have significant risk factors or oste-oporosis and/or bone fractures.

A bone density test (DEXA) is a sim-ple and painless non-invasive proce-dure. The scan will last approxi-mately 15 minutes. You may be asked to change into a hospital gown if you have any metal on your clothing. You will lay on a comforta-ble padded exam table. During your exam, a camera will travel above your body to take the readings. It is important that you lie completely still until the images are complete. You can breathe normally during the scan. A Radiologist will report the findings to your doctor within 24-48 hours.

Dexa scans are done on a scheduled basis. Talk to your doctor today about scheduling your bone density.

Don’t take chances with your health! Prevent bone loss and have your bone density checked by a trained professional.

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