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Swastik Sinha, M.D.
Spine Surgeon

Dr. Sinha understands the frustration with finding an answer to the pain experienced with spine and neck issues. His passion for treating spine conditions stems from his love of helping others return to living a full life. As the father of three, Dr. Sinha understands the need to stay healthy and happy more than ever. Which is why he chose to return to his home town of Carbondale to raise his family and continue his Orthopaedic Spine Practice. 


Dr. Sinha comes to southern Illinois from Washington and brings a new level of spine care to our region, with over 8 years of medical training and an extensive fellowship at the esteemed Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is board certified in spinal surgery. He is considered one of the most skilled and up-to-date surgeons in his field. He brings many modern techniques to compliment the services Dr. Jeffrey Jones has brought to this region, including minimally invasive lateral access procedures, cervical disc replacements, “one-inch” discectomy, and other outpatient spine surgeries.

Dr. Sinha holds outpatient clinics at Memorial Hospital one a month on Thursdays.

​To make an appointment with Dr. Sinha please call 618-997-6800 ext. 1033. Request a consult with Dr. Swastik Sinha at the Specialty Clinic in Chester.

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