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Memorial Hospital Earns 5-Star Rating And Reaccreditation

Brett Bollmann, CEO, Becky Bunselmeyer, Director of Performance Improvement, Susan Diddlebock, Chief Nursing Officer.
Brett Bollmann, CEO, Becky Bunselmeyer, Director of Performance Improvement, Susan Diddlebock, Chief Nursing Officer.

Memorial Hospital, is proud to announce it has received a Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission, following their survey in September 2023, and has been awarded a prestigious five-star rating by the National Rural Rating System (NRRS), a program recognizing excellence in rural healthcare.

The Joint Commission accredits and certifies over 22,000 health care programs worldwide and focuses on continually improving health care by setting the highest standards for health care quality worldwide. By meeting these standards, Memorial received an internationally recognized symbol of quality, The Gold Seal of Approval®.

The esteemed five-star NRRS designation is a testament to Memorial's dedication to delivering high-quality care and exceptional patient experiences. The NRRS evaluates hospitals based on rigorous standards, including patient satisfaction, quality of care, and overall hospital performance.

"We are proud of the hard work our healthcare teams put in to ensure their departments provide the best quality care possible for our community,” said Brett Bollmann, CEO upon receiving the honors. “We thank our staff for their commitment to patient safety and satisfaction, high standards, and dedication to caring for our patients.”

Accreditation by The Joint Commission is considered the gold standard of health care. During the survey, health care professionals, who are experts in their fields, visited Memorial’s facilities to conduct their reviews and monitor how well the staff:

  1. Provide a safe environment for patient care

  2. Educate patients about the risks and options for their diagnosis and treatment

  3. Protect the patients’ rights, including privacy rights

  4. Evaluate patients’ conditions, before, during and after diagnosis and treatment

  5. Protect patients from infection

  6. Plan for emergency situations

The NRRS five-star rating reflects Memorial's ongoing commitment to meet the unique healthcare needs of the rural community it serves. This recognition highlights the hospital's success in providing outstanding medical services, despite the challenges often faced by rural healthcare facilities.

Brian Lee, Chairman of National Rural Rating System reflects, “This award is a testament to their unwavering commitment, dedication, expertise and compassionate care provided to the community every day. In a rural setting, where healthcare challenges are unique and often complex, achieving this level of excellence signifies not just clinical capabilities, but also a deep connection to the community. This recognition reaffirms rural healthcare to be a beacon of health, hope, and healing.”

Memorial Hospital extends its heartfelt thanks to its dedicated team of healthcare professionals, whose tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to patient care have made these achievements possible. As Memorial continues to grow and build for the future of healthcare, they plan to expand services, classes, and community programs to create an environment for a healthier community.

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