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Glo Germs at the Library

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Staff from Memorial Hospital spent time with the STEM Lab group at the Chester Public Library on June 18th, teaching proper hand washing techniques, and then testing their actions with a “glow germ” activity. “Germs” (a lotion based gel that glows under ultra violet light) were passed out to the kids and they rubbed them on their hands. They inspected their “germs” under a black light to see them glow. Then they tried to wash the "germs" off with soap and water using proper hand washing techniques: lathering, scrubbing finger nails, backs of hands, palms of hands and each finger, for 30 seconds. Once washed, they inspected their hands again to see how they did. Many participants found that it took longer and more thorough scrubbing than they had completed on their first atempts. They were persistent in their washing though and were able to rid their hands of all their "germs" on their second washings.

Each child was gifted a bag containing reminders are when to wash and how to wash properly, a germ monster finger puppet and tattoo, and some spray hand sanitizer for those times they may not have access to soap and water.

Memorial Hospital enjoys providing educational classes and programs, such as this, to the younger members of our community. Teaching proper hand washing technique is the first step in living healthy, happy lives.

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