STARS Program
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Memorial Hospital provides care givers STARS buttons, stickers and magnets to keep your special identifier number always in view.

STARS – Special Needs Tracking & Awareness Response System

Emergency Preparedness for Children with Special Needs

The purpose of the STARS Program is to create a tracking and awareness system for our ambulance districts, fire districts and community hospitals to both recognize the special needs of patients inside their coverage area and have the training to appropriately care for these patients.

Children who especially benefit are those with:

  • Significant developmental delay

  • Seizure disorders

  • Cardiac history

  • In-clinic mental health evaluation

  • Cerebral shunts

  • Tracheostromies

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Children with a DNR order

  • Any atypical disease or syndrome

The program Memorial Hospital has implemented in coordination with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, enables better care of special needs children through 21 years of age should an emergency arise. Each child that is entered into STARS has a form detaining his or her medical history, medications, allergies, baseline vital signs, baseline neurological status and common medical emergencies that is kept in each ambulance and Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Department.


Please contact us if you feel your child would be a candidate.


To enroll your child, contact Kim Ruebke, Emergency Room Director, at Memorial Hospital.