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Diabetic & Nutrition Resources

For lifestyle change to be lasting, you have to focus on where you are now.  Change is a process.  What you want has to be what you are truly willing to do.  As you master one skill, then another one follows.  While information is important, being able to apply that information to your life is crucial.  One-on-one visits can get you started.  However, group programs provide the longer term support to make change a habit.

Diabetes Management

Individual sessions available. There are many ways to improve diabetes control. Diabetes changes, we start where you are now.

Potential Topics:

  • What is Diabetes?

  • Eating Basics

  • Monitoring Medications

  • Healthy Coping

  • Reducing Risks

  • Problem Solving

  • Being Active

  • Sick Days

  • Goal Setting

  • and more...


Insurance Coverage
Medicare covers 3 hours of medical nutrition therapy, which includes diabetes management, within a 12-month period. Two hours of follow-up training are covered yearly. Private insurance varies.

Body Balance Wellness Image Background
Body Balance. Move your health in a positive direction.

Body Balance

Body Balance is the newest group offering.  The initial core program meets once per week for an hour for 16 weeks.  Then a twice a month support group is offered.  Body Balance coaches you towards sustainable change with the support of others in similar situations.  Learn facts to create habits that stick.

Ready to figure out what you can do to move your health in a positive direction? Body Balance meets you where you are now. This includes anyone gathering info or ready for action. Every week a new topic guides the group discussion. Realistic change requires accountability and support to work through unanticipated challenges.

Register Online Under News & Events

or Call 618-826-4581 ext 1170

Starting February 7, 2023

Every Tuesday 9-10am or 6-7pm

Weekly Session Format (tentative)

  • 15 min. Activity* demo

  • 15 min. Weekly topic presentation

  • 30 min. Group discussion and goal setting

* Flexibility, strength or balance

Program Details:


  • Meet weekly for 16 weeks

  • Follow up support group twice per month

  • Optional weigh-in

  • Confidentiality & liability agreements required

Weekly Discussion Topics

  • Nutrition Pitfalls

  • Marketing and Media Ploys

  • Stressors

  • Mindfulness

  • Metabolism Disruptors

  • Triggers and Obstacles

  • Realistic Change

  • Doable Goals

  • Practical Eating

  • Simplified Cooking

Diabetes and Nutrition

Diabetes and Nutrition

Diabetes and Nutrition
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Find your healthy eating style. Everything you eat and drink over time matters and can help you be healthier now & in the future.

Melissa Soellner, RDN, CDE, MS

Melissa Soellner, RDN, CDE, MS

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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