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Your Patient Portal

Memorial Hospital Patient Portal

On-Line Bill Pay
You now have the ability to pay all o f your Memorial Hospital and Clinic bills online.
In order to make a payment you will need the access code located on the top right hand corner of your your statement.

To access your patient portal, ensure we have your correct email address on record.
Contact us to update your info.

To access your patient portal, ensure we have your correct email address on record.
Contact us to update your info.

HealtheLife Icon
Download the HealtheLife mobile app to access your records on the go.
Click one of the buttons below to start your download or search "HealtheLife" in your app store.

Receive Appointment Reminders
to Your Phone

Ask our staff about verifying your info

and opt in to receive reminders.

  1. Ensure we have your current home/mobile phone number.

  2. When scheduling, verify that you would like to receive a reminder.


Have you been opted out of receiving reminders?​

To opt-in text 367234 to the number 622622.


Opting out can be due to changing carriers

(or if your existing carrier was purchased by another carrier), changing phone numbers, or opting out when you received a previous message (i.e. texting Stop to the text to cancel receiving future reminder texts)

Welcome to Your Health Care Portal!

Use this portal to access your health records, message your physician, request appointments, and more. 

Memorial Hospital posts your test results in your portal within hours of being finalized. This means you may be seeing your results before your provider has reviewed them.
If you are not comfortable seeing this information before you have discussed your results with your provider, please wait to view them. Be cautious of who you share your portal user name and password with, as they will also be able to see these results as soon as they are posted

Please Note:

  • Reports for laboratory, imaging, and other testing are posted in the portal as soon as they are complete; this means the ordering provider may not have had a chance to review the report before you find it on the portal.

  • If you have any questions about the content of your portal, please contact the doctor/provider’s office who ordered the test.

Under certain circumstances information may be delayed

All Your Health in One Place

Managing your health used to be messy. Visit information from your doctor, emails, and other health information is hard to organize and manage. Memorial Hospital’s Patient Portal provides one place for all of the information you need to manage your health and the health of your family. 


  • Medications, allergies, and conditions 

  • Visit information from doctors and the hospital 

  • Personal measures: weight, activity, blood pressure, blood sugar 


Share Information with family

Health is a life-long challenge. To succeed, sometimes you need to share health information with trusted family and friends. Memorial Hospital's Patient Portal helps: 

  • Parents share children’s health information 

  • Young adults share information with parents playing a role in providing health-care 

  • Aging parents share access with adult children assisting in their care. 

Connect with Doctors and the Hospital

Connecting with your care team allows your doctor or hospital to electronically provide you with visit documents. 

Track and Improve Your health

Capturing personal measures helps you and your doctor proactively manage your health trends and track progress against your health goals. Supported measures include: 

  • Weight 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Blood sugar 

Your Health, On-The-Go

Life keeps you on the move. Work, appointments, and the reality of the day-to-day keep you busy. Memorial Hospital’s Patient Portal gives you access to your personal health information wherever you have Internet access. Changed doctors and need to provide your current medications? No problem, review it in your mobile Patient Portal. Your information, when and where you need it. That's Memorial Hospital’s Patient Portal.

Secure Health Identity

The Memorial Hospital Patient Portal provides secure access to your Memorial Hospital health account. Your unique username and password let you safely and securely sign into the Patient Portal. 

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