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Why Choose MH?

Our Hospital
  • 5-Star Patient Rated Hospital

  • Joint Commission Gold Seal Accredited Facility

  • State of the Art Same Day Surgery Suites

  • 24/7 ER with Helipad

  • Multi-Specialty Consulting Clinics


Our Community 

Our Environment

“Working at MH is like family.” Our employees express this over and over because at MH we value every staff member. Employees are inviting to new staff and eager to help and train their co-workers to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Our inclusive environment provides many opportunities for employees to engage with departments throughout the hospital. Employees are encouraged to be involved in health and wellness programs, support their co-workers, and communicate efficiently. We value every one of our staff members and provide training and education throughout the year to equip them with the skills needed to perform their tasks efficiently, accurately, and to be successful in their career.

Education & Advancement 

Memorial Hospital values each one of our staff members and encourages self-improvement and career growth. The goal of Memorial Hospital’s educational assistance programs is to help recruit, develop, engage and retain high-quality employees so the best quality healthcare can be provided to our community. A healthy community supports sustainability and longevity for those who live here.​

Why MH?
2021 Scholarship Recipient
Medical Exploring - Dr. DeGuzman
Medical Exploring - Valerie Blechle, NP
Radiology Student
Rural Health Clinic Intern
RMED Mentorship

Clinicals, Internships & Job Shadowing

Clinical Hours

Gain real-world, hands-on experience working in a professional environment with real patients and skilled mentors to guide you. The experience students learn on the job is invaluable in setting them up for a career of success. For students currently enrolled in a program requiring clinical hours, Memorial Hospital is able to provide accommodations throughout a variety of departments including our Rural Health Clinics. Contact the Human Resource Department at 618-826-4581 ext. 1260.


Paid and unpaid internships may be available depending on departmental needs. Contact the Human Resource Department for current internship opportunities at 618-826-4581 ext. 1260

Nurse Intern Program

MH offers a Nurse Intern Program, which provides a dynamic, paid learning experience that allows nursing students in the last year of their program to participate in direct patient care with assigned RN mentors. Nursing Interns have the opportunity to train and work with their assigned RN mentor on the Medical/Surgical and Emergency Units will participating in the program. 

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is open for individuals 16 years or older, unless enrolled in one of our Medical Explorer Programs. Parental/Guardian consent is required for those under the age of 18. Contact the Administration Department at 618-826-4581 ext. 1299.

Medical Explorers Program

The Memorial Hospital Organization, MH, is a registered Medical Explorers Post 8618. The program is for high school and college students who are interested in Healthcare Careers. Whether you already know what occupation you would like to pursue or if you have not decided on a specific career field yet, through Medical Explorers you will have opportunities to learn about many careers, participate in hands-on activities and meet healthcare professionals. The MH Medical Explorers program is a 9-month program with one group meeting/event held the third Thursday of each month, September through May. To learn more about the program visit our Medical Exploring page.

Clinicals, Internships & Job Shadowing


Scholarships are available to qualifying high school seniors, employed students, and Randolph County residents who meet specified criteria and who are selected by a scholarship committee.


Medical Explorers Scholarship

Memorial Hospital offers a Medical Explorers Scholarship each year for High School Seniors and College Students throughout Randolph County, IL who are members of the Memorial Hospital Medical Explorers Post. Upon completion of the program and submission of a reflection essay a scholarship is awarded by the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. The winner is selected by a committee based on their performance in the program and final essay. For complete details about the program visit our Medical Exploring page.

Mullins Scholarship

Applications for the Mullins Scholarship are currently being accepted.

Interested students should submit a letter to the Scholarship Committee indicating:

  • Interest

  • Letter of School Acceptance

  • Amount of Financial Need

  • Willingness to Abide by the Terms of the Scholarship Plan

A Memorial Scholarship from Mrs. Maria E. Mullins in memory of her husband, William E. Mullins. Any male/female residing in Randolph County may be eligible to apply for a scholarship or loan provided he has been accepted for admission to a recognized school for the study of nursing. Scholarship recipients must agree to return to Randolph Hospital District to practice their profession for five or more years upon completion of: Nurses training and successful state licensure, post graduate training (if approved by the Scholarship Committee), all class work required for certificate of graduation. Contact Memorial Hospital's Administration Office for more information at 618-826-4581 ext. 1299 or

Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship is designed to provide residents of Randolph County, Illinois financial assistance when pursuing a degree in a field of nursing. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote a nursing career at Chester Memorial Hospital by providing money for tuition and fees to residents of Randolph County. The scholarship award of up to $1,200.00 will be given to any selected resident of Randolph County who will be comp