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Nurses Go Beyond

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Nurses go beyond the requirements. They have for years and they will for many more. Nurses are not robots. They are human, have feelings, including sympathy and empathy. Sometimes we can feel our patient’s pain and the family’s suffering. Nurses understand many facets of the patient, provider, healthcare triangle. Healthcare is not an assembly line. We take care of people. We take care of our friends. We take care of our family. We take care of our Community. This is what we do.

Nurses are heroes.

Nurses run from the moment they clock in to that final swipe as we are clocking out. Our work does not stop then. We take those patients home with us in our mind and heart. We pray for them at the bedside, in the hall, on break and when we are at home. We see many different situations every single day. Some that you could not fathom, that make you sick, that bring tears of joy and of sorrow. We also see miracles. Amazing miracles. Miracles of recovery, of family, of love, of kinship, of camaraderie, and of team work. The nurse’s job can be traumatic, loving, caring and fulfilling. Nurses see the worst and best of people and still smile. Nurses witness the hardness of time on a person’s body, still work to make those better and then weep for them later.

Nurses are heroes.

Nurses are not perfect. However, they are kind and are empowered to fight for our patients. They are giving of themselves even when their own lives leave little left to give. We do not give up. Nurses are educated professionals and take their jobs seriously. Nurses have families, homes, parents, kids, and situations that happen every day and still come to work. They come to work to help care for those in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Nurses are heroes.

Susan Diddlebock, RN, BSN, MHA

Susan Diddlebock RN, BSN, MHA

Chief Nursing Officer

Memorial Hospital Chester

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