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Weight Loss Group Programed for Success

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Group Members at Tuesdays Morning Meeting at the Randolph County Health Department

Memorial Hospital's Weight Loss Group held meeting #2 Tuesday. MH is proud that so many are taking the 9-month challenge to commit to a healthier lifestyle and are setting personal weight loss goals. Melissa Soellner, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, leads each meeting and coaches the group members on their journey to a healthier life through the CDC Prediabetes Curriculum, PreventT2. The group is starting at the beginning with education on prediabetes: who is at risk for prediabetes, how to prevent prediabetes, and setting goals. The program also focuses on nutrition. Making sure that your body gets the correct amount of calories from each food group every day is important to achieving healthy weight loss goals. Soellner provides education on portion size, recommended nutrition requirements, being aware of your environment when eating and asking yourself important questions about your eating habits: Why are you eating – hungry, hangry, hanxiety? Can you “shift” your plate proportions? Along with nutrition, the group discusses physical “activity” with the ultimate goal being more movement and getting the blood pumping on a regular basis. Options for those with limited time and mobility are recommended and discussed amongst the group. Members are provided take-home materials to help them track their progress between meetings.

The group meets every Tuesday at 9am or 6pm for the first 16 meetings then will move to 2 meetings per month for 2 months and end with 1 monthly meeting for 6 months as they progress through the program. The 9 month program provides accountability, sustainability, and structure to help them reach their goals and maintain them.

Follow the Facebook group for more information on upcoming meetings, tips, motivation, and educational resources.

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