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DIABETES MANAGEMENT Individual sessions available. There are many ways to improve diabetes control. ​Diabetes changes, we start where you are now.​ Potential Topics: • What is Diabetes? • Eating Basics • Monitoring Medications • Healthy Coping • Reducing Risks • Problem Solving • Being Active • Sick Days • Goal Setting • and more... Insurance Coverage Medicare covers 3 hours of medical nutrition therapy, which includes diabetes management, within a 12-month period. Two hours of follow-up training are covered yearly. Private insurance varies. WEIGHT LOSS GROUP Lose Weight, Feel Great | Make Healthy Changes and Feel your Best You can prevent or delay prediabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes with simple, proven lifestyle changes. Approximately 86 million American adults—more than 1 out of 3—have prediabetes. What’s more, 90% of people with prediabetes don’t know they have it. Left unchecked, up to one-third develop diabetes in five years. You can have prediabetes for years but have no clear symptoms, so it often goes undetected until serious health problems show up. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor about getting your blood sugar tested if you have any of the risk factors for prediabetes, which include: • Being overweight • Being 45 years or older • Having a parent, brother, or sister with type 2 diabetes • Being physically active less than 3 times a week • Ever having gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) or giving birth to a baby that weighed more than 9 pounds A lifestyle change program can help you make those changes—and make them stick. Through the program, you can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58% (71% if you’re over age 60). Program participants will be provided with nutrition and activity action plans. Group meets once a week for the first 16 weeks and twice a month for the next 8 months. Highlights include: • Working with a trained coach to make realistic, lasting lifestyle changes. • Learning the difference between fad diets and gimmicky research and add more physical activity into your day. • Finding out how to manage stress, stay motivated, and solve problems that can slow your progress. • Getting support from people with similar goals and challenges • Discovering how small changes help solve problems over time To learn more about this program, call 618-826-4581, ext. 1170 DIABETES CONVERSATION MAPS FREE GROUP. Call for meeting dates