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Speech Therapy

Therapy & Sports Rehab Center

Service Description

Our speech-language pathologist at the Therapy & Sports Rehab Center offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans that may include: • Improved functional communication skills and speech sound production • Improved oral feeding and swallowing skills • Improved memory and thinking or establishes compensatory strategies in these areas Memorial Hospital’s Therapy & Sports Rehab Center’s Speech-Language Pathologist, Isabel Hotop, treats children with speech disorders and adults with speech impairments due to injury or illness. Therapy for Children Isabel, is trained to work on many types of learning issues. These include: • Articulation Disorders • Auditory Processing Disorders • Language Disorders • Social Communication Disorders • She also works with kids who have nonverbal learning disabilities. Isabel meets with children individually at the Therapy & Sports Rehab Center in Chester, IL. Call to schedule an appointment: 618-826-4588 Therapy for Adults • Articulation Disorders • Fluency Disorders • Resonance Disorders • Cognitive-Communication Disorders • Parkinson’s Disease • Stroke • Oral Cancer • Swallowing Difficulties • Improve Cognitive Communication • Improve Social Communication • Strengthen Oral Muscles • Individualized plans based on abilities and needs. • Personalized goals.

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