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2019 Pathfinder Scholarship Winner

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Elizabeth Froemling, daughter of Chris and Eric Froemling of Ava, IL is the winner of this year’s Healthcare Pathfinder Scholarship awarded by the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Elizabeth is currently attending Trico High School and will be attending John A. Logan College in the fall with a plan to transfer to Eastern Illinois University to study speech-language pathology. At the beginning of the Healthcare Pathfinders Program Elizabeth stated that she has always known that she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and has even done some job shadowing in speech, physical, and occupational therapy and loved it! She was very interested in joining the Healthcare Pathfinders Program so that she could experience and gain insight into some of the other medical careers that might suit her.

Elizabeth Froemling is pictured receiving her scholarship from Mardell Granger, Memorial Hospital Auxiliary President.

After spending time and observing the Diagnostic Imaging, Cardio-Pulmonary, Laboratory, and Nursing Departments as well as the Provider Practice through the Healthcare Pathfinders Program, she was able to determine that her favorite area was still in fact the therapy setting over the fast-paced hospital setting. Elizabeth stated, “I appreciate that therapists are able to spend more one-on-one time with their patients.” She also stated, “When I started this program, I was unsure of my future. While I enjoyed my time in other places, I now know that therapy is the right setting for me.”

Elizabeth was one of six students to participate in the 2018-2019 Medical Pathfinder’s Program conducted by Memorial Hospital. Additional students included Stevie Gilbert, Kaleb Hughes, and Lauren Leathers, all of Chester High School and Chloe Gordon and Ashleigh Stegmann of Steeleville High School. Each student spent a total of 6 hours, job shadowing medical professionals. Students spent time with doctors, nurses, sitting in on general surgeries and patient evaluations. “All of the employees in the departments were extremely accommodating and answered all of the questions I had,” stated Kaleb. The students also spent time in the laboratory, with the cardio pulmonary department, and with the diagnostic imaging department. During their 6 hours, the students were evaluated by the staff they worked with and were asked to write an essay to summarize their experiences upon their completion. All six students were very professional during their time at Memorial and walked away with a better understanding of what it really takes to be a healthcare professional.

The Healthcare Pathfinder Program is offered every year to Seniors of area High Schools. Out of the students one is chosen to receive a scholarship to help them pursue their career.


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