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2023 Tree of Remembrance Campaign

Make a donation to the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's Tree of Remembrance Fund in honor of a loved one.

Memorial HOspital Auxiliary Tree of Remembrance 2023. Make a donation in honor of your loved one.

The Auxiliary is able to assist the hospital in purchasing needed equipment for various departments through the community's generous donations and memorials. Funds collected this year will be used to purchase an Eyecon Automatic Pill Counter for the hospital Pharmacy Department.

This piece of equipment takes an image of the pills, numbers them and stores it with the prescription so our pharmacy staff can refer back to it. Some of the features included are a drug identification software that matches the bar code on the prescription label to the shape and color of what is being placed on the counter. After identification of the type of medication, the machine will then go on to count and double check the pills prior to dispensing into the prescription bottle.

Eyecon Automatic Pill Counter
Eyecon Automatic Pill Counter

The Eyecon Automatic Pill Counter focuses on patient safety, enhances customer satisfaction, and helps ease the workload on the Pharmacy Department.

This year’s Tree of Remembrance contributions will make up the majority of our fundraising for the year. Giving this year, is more important than ever. During the holiday season we invite you to contribute in honor of a loved one. Your contribution and memorial are recognized weekly on Facebook and will be published in the County Journal at the end of the Tree of Remembrance drive.

Those wishing to make a donation or memorial contribution in honor of a loved one may do so by mailing it to:

Tree of Remembrance Chairman Apryl Bradshaw

Memorial Hospital

1900 State Street

Chester, Illinois 62233

or donate online at:


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