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Aquatic Therapy: Less Strain More Gains

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

At Memorial Hospital’s Therapy & Sports Rehab Center, we know that certain conditions and injuries are best treated while you are in water maintained at therapeutic temperatures. Aquatic or water therapy, provides a safe, effective environment to positively impact movement, strength and function.

Aquatic therapy uses buoyancy to support your weight, reducing the pain and stress placed on specific muscles and joints and enabling greater freedom. Warm water also allows muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to injured areas.

Water therapy can also help you function at levels not possible on land, without fear of falling, which affords physical gains and positive reinforcement. Aquatic therapy boosts general conditioning and strength; it's also used to treat a variety of conditions:

  • Arthritis

  • Back pain

  • Balance disorders

  • Chronic pain

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease of the central nervous system

  • Muscular dystrophy (MD), progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass

  • Neurological disorders (Parkinson’s disease, stroke)

  • Obesity

  • Post-surgery care including joint replacements

What to Expect

After initial evaluation, your physical therapist may determine that aquatic therapy will help the healing process. Aquatic therapy can help you achieve:

  • Less pain

  • Increased muscular strength, flexibility and endurance

  • Enhanced joint mobility and stability

  • Improved balance, coordination and cardiovascular endurance

  • Activities that matter most to you

During ongoing appointments, your therapist will adjust treatment as you improve and incorporate land-based exercises as soon as possible to maximize the functional gains you make in water. Our heated pool is equipped with a lift to help lower patients safely into the water. Adjustable platforms also allow therapists to adjust the depth of the pool appropriate for treatment. To inquire about aquatic therapy at Memorial Hospital’s Therapy & Sport Rehab Center call 618-826-4588.

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