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Bell of Hope Donated by Gielow Family

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Memorial Hospital staff, Deb Stenberg & Carrie Jo Dierks pictured with the Gielow family: back row --- Adam Fagan, Matt Gielow Kira Fagan, Janet Gielow

The chemotherapy and infusion department at Memorial Hospital in Chester has a new addition to their wall of remembrance. A "bell of hope", donated by the Gielow family in loving memory of Marvin A. Gielow now graces the entry wall. The inscription reads "Ring this bell three times well to celebrate this day. This course is run, my treatment done, now I am on my way." As patients finish their final treatment they will have the honor of ringing the bell to commemorate the completion of their battle.

Marvin was a long-time patient of the infusion department. He was a friend and inspiration to both staff and patients of the department. He finished his battle on August 4th, 2017. "This bell of hope will serve as a reminder of Marvin and inspiration to those who continue to fight," stated the staff.

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