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Chadderton is CT Certified

Amy B. Chadderton, R.T. (R)(CT) poses with certificate in CT room.
Amy B. Chadderton, R.T. (R)(CT)

Amy B. Chadderton, Radiologic Technologist, at Memorial Hospital, passed her CT (Computed Tomography) registry on May 17th, 2022. She attended Southern Illinois University of Carbondale during the fall of 2021 to complete her CT structured education requirements. She then completed her clinical education at Memorial Hospital. She is continuing her education by working on her venipuncture competency, which will allow her to obtain intravenous access for the purpose of diagnostic imaging.

Amy is delighted to have a feeling of accomplishment in completing her most recent certification. She started working in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Memorial as a Radiologic Technology student in 2019 while she was attending Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC). She is excited to be completed with studying for now and looks forward to applying the knowledge she has gained. She has plans to pursue her MRI credentials in the future.

The diagnostic imaging department celebrated her achievement on June 14 with a BBQ lunch.


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