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Dr. John Groll Offers Cardiology Visits Using Telemedicine Technology

Updated: Mar 5

Dr. John Groll has been providing cardiology services at Memorial Hospital since 1998. He holds weekly outpatient cardiology clinics every Wednesday in Memorial Hospital’s Specialty Clinic. Recently, Dr. Groll added telemedicine as an option for his patients. This alternative to in-person visits increases access to Dr. Groll's cardiology services on days when he is not on site at Chester. Through an agreement with BJC Health System, Memorial Hospital has available a state of the art “robot” specially designed for telemedicine visits. The Teladoc Health robot is a mobile cart featuring a telehealth platform operating system, high resolution pan/tilt/zoom video camera, enhanced audio, and a digital stethoscope for evaluating heart sounds. The cart is controlled by Dr. Groll using software at his office in St. Louis, while the patient and clinic staff are in the exam room here in Chester. The telehealth platform allows the patient to experience a convenient visit with the provider as if they were both in the exam room together in-person.

Dr. Groll held his first telemedicine clinic in May this year. He is now offering telemedicine appointments monthly for patient follow up visits and will continue his on site clinics as well. The use of this technology supports Memorial Hospital’s goal of offering the community convenient access to specialty services both near and far. Memorial Hospital extends our appreciation to Dr. Groll for taking advantage of the telehealth technology available at Memorial Hospital.

​Dr. Groll holds outpatient clinics at Memorial Hospital on Wednesdays. Physician referrals are required. To learn more about our specialists call Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic at (618) 826-4581 ext. 1366. Learn more about Dr. Groll and the services he provides here.

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