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Employee of the Quarter

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Brett Bollmann, CEO and Kristen Reinier

Brett Bollmann, CEO at Memorial Hospital named Kristen Reinier Employee of the Quarter for the Second Quarter 2021 on July 20.

Reinier has worked at Memorial Hospital since 2019 in the Laboratory as a Phlebotomist. When asked what she likes most about working at Memorial Hospital, Reinier replied, “My favorite things about working at Memorial Hospital is the people, my coworkers give me reasons to smile and I enjoy brightening their day with any and all jokes no matter how stupid they may be. My coworkers all over the hospital help me more than they know. And my direct coworkers light of my life they are.” Her co-workers who nominated her wrote, “This employee is one of the most dedicated, hard-working and genuine individuals in the entire department. She willingly performs all work that is assigned to her. Plus, never hesitates to help out any of her fellow coworkers when needed. She always has a positive attitude and respectfully cooperates with everyone. She does an exceptional job at keeping the work flow running smoothly in the entire lab. She can handle stressful and unexpected situations as well as take criticism positively and use it to improve her skills. Overall, she is an enthusiastic person with excellent communication skills, patience and bedside manner. Her positive attitude projects not only to her coworkers but most importantly to her patients that she is caring for.”

Reinier resides in Sparta, IL with her spouse Christopher Martin and two daughters Skylar and Olivia. In their off the clock hours, Reinier enjoys spending time in their garden, watching their chickens and playing with their kids. “They grow so fast and keep me a supportive employee, they are the real Employee of the Quarters. I also enjoy fishing and watching Chris tinker on his weekly fascinating projects. It’s so nice to be in such a happy time in my life. Live the Good old days before they pass!”

Each quarter employees are encouraged to submit “star cards” for their co-workers who go above and beyond in their patient care or team work. Four random cards were drawn, Adrienne Caby, RN OR; Jacinta Mulholland, Dietary Clerk; Laura Cleiman, Housekeeper; Rachel Young, RN MSU/ER were the winners of a monetary award for their star nominations.

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