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Rhonda Mott Receives Employee of the Quarter

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Rhonda Mott and Brett Bollmann, CEO

Brett Bollmann, CEO at Memorial Hospital named Rhonda Mott Employee of the Quarter for the First Quarter 2021 on April 14.

Mott has worked at Memorial Hospital since 1988 in the Diagnostic Imaging Department, where she is currently a Chief Radiologic Technologist, Lead Mammographer, and SWIC Clinical Instructor. When asked what she likes most about working at Memorial Hospital, Mott replied, “The small town atmosphere, and being able to offer top of the line equipment and services. I love the bond I have with my coworkers who I consider family. I love that my coworkers are a team and we are there to help and support each other through good and also the hectic days. I love when someone requests me by name, not because I do a better job than the others but because they are comfortable with me, I have been providing Mammograms, X-rays and Cat Scans to some of the same people for over 30 years.” Her co-workers who nominated her wrote, “She exemplifies a star employee with her positive attitude and at times her much needed comedic relief during the difficult and stressful Covid pandemic. She has covered shifts for employees on short notice and never complained. She has an extremely caring and upbeat personality that patients and coworkers alike enjoy. This employee has also worked hard to reach out and get programs up and running again that had to be stopped due to the pandemic.”

Mott resides in Chester with her husband Lorin and their son Connor. She has two grown children Jonavon Richelman (Taylor Phoenix) and Clayton Richelman (Tory Huggins). She has two grandchildren, Ember and Bryer. In their off the clock hours, the Motts enjoy spending time with their grandkids, children and parents. They love camping, jeep riding, and ranger riding with friends. Rhonda also enjoys taking photos to share with others and takes pride in bragging on her kids' and grandkids' accomplishments. .

Each quarter employees are encouraged to submit “star cards” for their co-workers who go above and beyond in their patient care or team work. Four random cards were drawn, Laurie Richardet, LPN; Dr. Lisa Lowry-Rholfing; CyBill DeRousse, Medical Assistant; and Jen Donjon, Lab Lead; all staff members at the Rural Health Clinics, were the winners of a monetary award for their star nominations.

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Congratulations Rhonda!

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