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“For the Best Care, Enroll to Share”

Patients visiting one of Memorial Hospital’s locations may be asked to enroll in CommonWell during registration. CommonWell Health Alliance® Services provide access for health care providers to your health information that they may need to care for you. Not be confused with ComWell, which provides mental health, substance misuse and developmental disability care throughout Randolph County. CommonWell is a secure, electronic record of your health history that can be accessed nationwide.

How many times have you had to list your allergies, medications and medical history? With CommonWell, doctors have instant and secure access to your medical information. You no longer have to carry health records back and forth from appointments or remember what your lab results were or what medications you were prescribed. Through CommonWell’s secure medical record network, your health information is available to your doctors regardless of where you received care.

All you have to do is say, “YES” when you are asked to enroll.

How Does CommonWell Help You?

  • Helps your doctors share information – Primary care providers, specialists, hospitals and more can have more secure, and nearly instant access to your health information.

  • Gets you faster, better care – less time is spent on paperwork and tracking down records and more time can be spent on your personalized care.

  • Supports you in case of an emergency – In times when you may not be able to gather your health information, medical staff will be able to look up your allergies, medications, and health problems to better care for you without delay.

  • Protects your data – CommonWell’s electronic sharing is more secure than a fax or paper file. Paper records can easily be misplaced or viewed by others with no tracking of who access that paper record.

  • Reduces paperwork and hassle – Save time and the hassle of filling out the same health history forms over and over when you see new doctors or go to a specialist in the CommonWell network. Your most up to date health information will be right at their fingertips.

How Does it Work?

Ask to sign-up at any Memorial Hospital location or participating provider location. Enrollment is quick and easy.

Find a list of providers using CommonWell services on the Who is Connected page of the CommonWell site or ask your health care provider if they are connected to the CommonWell network.

Learn more about how the CommonWell connection can benefit your care:

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