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Free Weight Loss Group

Updated: Feb 1

Are you tired of not knowing what to believe?

Not sure what is important?

Feel like you are stuck in a never ending loop?

Join us on August 24 at 5:30 pm to understand what matters when it comes to weight loss. With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to get started. We focus on options, since everyone’s lifestyle is a little different. Not all bodies respond the same either.

This is a long commitment, but it takes time to grasp info, make changes, work around barriers and get in a good routine. Meetings will be offered weekly for sixteen weeks then twice monthly for 8 months. Our program follows the CDC's PreventT2 curriculum with plenty of extra nutrition and other information added. PreventT2 focuses on preventing prediabetes in those at risk and preventing diabetes in those with prediabetes. Our goal is to support anyone interested in learning and making changes.

To find out more about the program:

  • Visit Memorial Hospital’s website at or

  • Call Melissa Soellner, Registered Dietitian at 618-826-4581, extension 1170.

Pre registration is encouraged by noon on August 24.

Worried about making all the meetings?

Join our Memorial Hospital Weight Loss Group Facebook page for weekly postings. This group will become private starting with the August weight loss series.


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