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Memorial Hospital Hosts Go Red for Women Event

February is American Heart Health Month and Memorial Hospital was excited to be able to host their annual Go Red for Women Event at the Chester County Club on Thursday, February 23. It has been three years since they have hosted this event, due to COVID restrictions, and the crowd was excited to be partaking in the festivities again. Those in attendance enjoyed an evening of a heart healthy dinner, wine samples, and learning about heart health. This annual event is a gathering of women to share awareness of heart disease and educate them on what they can do to prevent it. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US and women are likely to wait 14 days before seeking care. The evening was about putting themselves first and learning how they can overcome heart disease and live healthier, happier lives.

Attendees of the event enjoyed complementary wine samples, poured by Eric Winters with PRP Wine, and a delicious heart healthy meal, provided by the Chester Country Club. Special guest speaker, Kendall Boysen, CPC, CPRC Professional Life & Recovery Coach’s, presentation titled “Tapping Into Your Power While Guarding Your Heart”, explained that everyone has a choice in their life. Their choices lead them to a life of happiness, joy, less stress, and better wellness.

Educational stations were available at the event which, provided blood pressure check-ups, screening and diagnostic service information, as well as details on the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. The Memorial Hospital Medical Explorers served guests and waited on tables throughout the event.

The “Go Red For Women” campaign encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives. The movement harnesses the energy, passion and power women have to band together and collectively wipe out heart disease. It challenges them to know their risk for heart disease and take action to reduce their personal risk. It also gives them the tools they need to lead a heart healthy life.

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