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Medical Explorers Begin Job Shadowing

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The Memorial Hospital Medical Explorers have been eager to start job shadowing since this year's program began in October 2020. Due to COVID restrictions students were not allowed in the hospital the first several months of the program year and met virtually via Zoom meetings. At each meeting a different department shared a virtual look inside their respective field.

The Explorers have had presentations from Memorial Hospital’s Human Resource Director, Julie Stern and Susan Diddlebock, Chief Nursing Officer, whom provided a look at healthcare and nursing careers in October and November. Chance Fox, a second year Medical student at Washington University in St. Louis provided insight into medical school and what it take to get into medical school in December. Heather Huck, Occupational Therapist and Director at Memorial Hospital’s Therapy and Sports Rehab Center shared information on various therapy careers and opportunities in January. Andria Zweigart, Director of Diagnostic Imaging and Deb Mevert, Operating Room Nurse Manager gave presentations and virtual tours regarding the specialties, equipment and procedures in their respective departments. In April, at the Explorer’s first in-person meeting of the year, they became CPR certified under the instruction of Randy Dudenbostel, Certified CPR Instructor and Memorial's Director of Materials Management and Environmental Services. Following their in-person meeting, students were given a brief tour of the hospital and got to see the new Medical Surgical Unit and Intensive Care Unit.

In April 2021, with the positivity rates dropping, students were given permission to meet in person once again and to commence job shadowing. "Job shadowing is a vital part of the program," says Explorer chairman Mariah Bargman. "Shadowing and seeing medical professionals perform their healthcare jobs first hand is why so many Explorers sign-up for the program." Job shadowing provides the hands on experience these students are looking for to help them make decisions about their future career choices.

Each Explorer is able to schedule as much time as they would like with a variety of departments throughout the MH locations. "So many enter the program thinking doctors and nurses make up a hospital, when there are so many other vital roles and departments that support the whole hospital system," says Bargman. One of the main goals of the program is to show the Explorers ALL the options and opportunities related to healthcare.

With the students getting a late start at job shadowing, they will be allowed to continue scheduling hours through the end of July. This allows them ample time to experience many departments throughout the Hospital, Rural Health Clinics, and Therapy & Sports Rehab Center. Enrollment for the 2021-2022 program year will begin in August. Learn more at


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