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New Specialty Clinic Opening April 24

The current phase of renovations at Memorial Hospital is almost complete. The Plant Operations staff and Information Technology Department are busy completing the finishing touches in the new Specialty Clinic on the main level.

The new clinic, is located where the entrance of the Medical Surgical Unit used to be, completing most of the work that needs to be done in that wing of the hospital.

The new clinic includes a large waiting room, multiple service windows for checking in and out, six spacious exam rooms to service two providers simultaneously, a procedure room, staff amenities, and provider offices. Large windows lining one of the main hallways allows for natural light to fill the space for all to enjoy.

The clinic is located a short distance from the main entrance and its proximity to the hospital entrance will be an added convenience for patient access. Staff will enjoy improved workflows with the added space with the new floor plan. "During the entire process, privacy, patient convenience, and improved workflows were kept in mind during design," stated Martha Roth, Director of Professional Services at Memorial. The large waiting room will also allow for social distancing of customers when needed.

During the next phase of renovations, a lab draw station will be added adjacent from the new clinic which, will improve the convenience of services to patients during their visits. The new specialty clinic will open Monday, April 24, 2023.

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