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Popeye Pedalers Ride for a Cure

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Popeye Pedalers Team at the Starting Line of the Event
Popeye Pedalers: Judy Ernst, Jim Mevert, Deb Mevert, Kim Ruebke, Kathy Winkler, Kevin Wehmeyer, Mary Wehmeyer, Shirleen Bollmann, Brett Bollmann, Deepa Dummi, Christy Presnell

The Popeye Pedalers, a Memorial Hospital Pedal the Cause team, strapped on their helmets, saddled their bikes and hit the course to find a cure this past weekend. Memorial Hospital’s 11-member team, joined 3,074 other riders and spinners on their “cancer curing” bikes at the St. Louis Pedal the Cause event on September 24th. The annual event raised funds for cancer research, with 100% of all donations going directly to Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman for Kids at Children’s Hospital. This year, the event raised $3.4 million and counting; fundraising efforts continue till October 31st.

Popeye Pedalers has been participating in Pedal the Cause since 2018. The 2022 ride marks the first in-person event since 2019 and everyone was excited to hit the trails again for this inspiring event. Friday evening kicked off with a Taste the Cause with local businesses providing food and drink for participants and attendees. The evening included an inspirational program where researchers and recipients of their research were showcased. Since 2010, Pedal the Cause has funded 188 cancer research projects at Siteman Cancer Center Barnes-Jewish Hospital. The Popeye Pedalers have contribued over $33,000 for these research programs with a 7:1 match by Federal Programs.

On Saturday, teams rose early and were energized for the main event. There were opportunities for participants of all abilities, with options from stationary bikes up to a 100 mile, Big Muddy Century, ride. Members of the Popeye Pedalers divided themselves amongst the PTC Circuit, 11.3 mile course, and the Ted Jones Katy Classic, 26.8 mile course this year. Cheers and support from family members and supporters lined the courses throughout the day, keeping the enthusiasm high and encouraging the riders. Many carry with them thoughts of their inspiration as they challenge themselves to complete their courses. “The inspiration for our team comes from our employees, patients, and families who have, and continue to battle this terrible disease,” says team organizer Kathy Winkler. Many participants have been affected directly by the disease and their passion to find a cure drives them.

The team will continue to collect donations until October 31st on their Pedal the Cause page. Donations can be submitted at: Watch for more information regarding next year’s event and fundraisers on Memorial Hospital’s website and Facebook page.

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