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Randolph County Resource Guide

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

On behalf of the Randolph County Health Department (RCHD), Memorial Hospital is working with other participating agencies and organizations to help circulate the new Randolph County Resource Guide for 2021.

This guide is designed to be used as a tool to help connect people to resources. Randolph County resources along with resources available to Randolph County residents in the surrounding area and national services are included in this document.

This guide was made possible through the efforts of the RCHD, ComWell and their Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance's (SISAA) Recovery Committee (aka "Better Together Recovery Group"), Western Egyptian, National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern Illinois (NAMI SWI), and the hospitals throughout Randolph County. Many entities have contributed to the content, editing, and proofing of this document, but we know some groups may have still been missed.

If errors are found or if additions are needed, please contact with the subject line “Randolph County Resource Guide”. Please provide the below information to the listed email:

  1. Page of Error

  2. Suggested Additional Information to Add

  3. Name of Organization

  4. Contact Information (Address, Phone Number, Email, Website)

  5. Hours of Operation

  6. List of Services or description of what this business/organization offers or does that fits in the scope of this Resource Guide.

Revisions will be made on an annual basis and a new publication will be made available for circulation in the first quarter of the new year.

The lead organizations are working in an organized fashion to share this document through email chains and social media. You are welcome to share this with others, but realize some individuals may have already received it through other contacts.

The initial goal is for this document to be available in a website format and in print for those who may not have access to the internet. The Randolph County Health Department has posted this document on their website at:

You are welcome to post this document on your website if you so choose. Once additional formats are made available, we will do our best to circulate that information.

We want to thank everyone for the extraordinary efforts in making this document possible. And we thank you for sharing this with your co-works and contacts.


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