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Regain Your Balance

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Memorial Hospital’s Therapy & Sports Rehab Center is here to help you regain your balance. Our physical therapists work together to help identify the source of your imbalance or dizziness problem and develop a plan for the best approach for treatment. Every patient’s plan is customized to treat their individual needs.

Who may benefit from balance therapy?

For each individual their level of imbalance can vary. Some may feel lightheaded or have a sense of spinning (vertigo) at times where others may experience significant unsteadiness or complete loss of balance.

The most common cause of imbalance is a vestibular disorder, or inner ear problem. Vestibular dizziness often occurs with a change in position, while lying down, or when looking up or rolling over in bed.

Other factors could affect your balance as well including your visual system and somatosensory system (or neurological system). Your vision tells your brain where your body is in relationship to the horizon, what your environment is around you, and whether you are still or in motion. Your somatosensory system is the way your nerves communicate with your brain through special sensors that are sensitive to pressure, stretch, touch, and vibrations in your muscles, joints, tendons, and skin.

If you often feel dizzy, out of balance, or have fallen, a physical therapist can help to determine how well these systems are working to help you keep your balance. The physical therapist can provide instruction on specific exercise that can address any issues and help improve your body’s use of all the systems together.

What does balance therapy look like?

We offer advanced equipment to help you regain your balance including a Biodex Balance System. This piece of equipment helps patients with postural instability, as well as balance, vertigo, coordination, strength and endurance problems.

Additional treatment includes:

  • Providing therapies, strategies and exercises to help patients reduce the impact of vertigo and balance issues

  • Reducing pain, anxiety or stress

  • Helping patients and their families with education on vestibular issues

  • Assisting with general health and fitness training and information

How will therapy help me regain my balance?

Through your therapy sessions, you will learn to better compensate for balance deficits. You will learn how to reduce your feelings of dizziness and decrease your fall risk. Through therapy, you will regain the confidence to perform your normal activities safely and stay physical and independent.

To schedule an appointment to regain your balance contact the Therapy & Sports Rehab Center at 618-826-4588 or visit or website at

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