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Mike Vasquez Honored for Years of Service

Brett Bollmann, CEO presents plaque of recognition to Michael Vasquez, Board Member.
Brett Bollmann, CEO presents plaque of recognition to Michael Vasquez, Board Member.

On April 3, 2023, Michael (Mike) Vasquez was presented with a plaque by Brett Bollmann, CEO at Memorial Hospital, recognizing his outstanding, 22 years, of dedication and service as a Board Member.

During the April 2023 Board Meeting, Mike's son, Trent Vasquez, was appointed as a member of the board to fill his vacancy. Trent is the third generation of Vasquezes to serve on the Memorial Hospital Board of Directors. Trent's grandfather, Dan Vasquez was an active board member from 1981-1990, and Mike served December 2000 to March 2023.

Mike joined the board to continue his father's community service. "I feel the advice and guidance I provided during my time as a board member was valuable in helping the administration make important decisions," said Mike. During his time as a board member he aided in many of the decisions made in remodeling the hospital, improving equipment and services. Mike is honored to have served as a Memorial Hospital Board Member and says, "We need to support our community hospital, so it is there for us when we need it. To do that, we need good board members who help support and maintain it. If you are ever asked to become a member, do it! It's a great service to rural healthcare, Chester, and the Southern Illinois region."

Memorial Hospital thanks the Vasquez family for their many years of service to the hospital and the community. "We are appreciative of the support and input the family has provided through the years to help govern the hospital so we can continue to focus on improving services and quality of care for our patients," said Brett Bollmann. "As residents, raising their families in rural Illinois, their volunteer membership on the Hospital Board is appreciated."

The Memorial Hospital Board holds monthly meetings to review hospital budgets, plans, purchases, performance and other hospital business. Nine members sit on the board with diverse backgrounds, skills, competencies and experiences. Each member's contribution helps guide Memorial to positive outcomes of care for the community we serve. Thank you to all of our board members who play active roles in helping us provide healthcare excellence to those we serve.

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