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Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab Center

Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab

Service Description

Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab Center will be opening May 1, 2024. Rehabilitation programs at the center will provide comprehensive care to patients with heart and lung conditions. Through the program, individuals are given a structured program that includes education, counseling, and exercise to strengthen their lungs and heart. Participants in the program have access to various tools and a full support system to help them recover. The new rehabilitation center is on the lower level of the main hospital. The state-of-the-art facility features top-of-the-line exercise and weight training equipment with space for group sessions. Under the supervision of Dr. John Groll, Cardiologist, each patron has a complete team of professionals - trained registered nursing staff, a dietitian nutritionist, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, and social worker - supervising them through the program and helping them to reach their recovery goals. The professional rehab staff monitor all exercise sessions to ensure safety and progress. Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Individuals who have had a serious cardiac condition, as listed below, can benefit from cardiac rehab. • Heart attack (in the past 12 months) • Heart bypass surgery • Stable angina or stable chest pain • Stent placement, angioplasty • Valve replacement or repair • Heart transplant • And other heart conditions Talk to your provider about whether your condition qualifies. Following a cardiac condition, your caregiver or provider will recommend actions you can take to improve your recovery. After discharge, managing these actions on your own can be challenging. In a cardiac rehabilitation program, individuals have a support team to help them remain accountable to improve their physical fitness, minimize cardiac symptoms and reduce their risk of heart problems in the future. Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Individuals who have chronic lung disease which causes shortness of breath can benefit from pulmonary rehab. The program helps increase activity tolerance and improve strength, endurance, and flexibility. The program may benefit people with the following conditions: • Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) • Persistent post COVID-19 symptoms • Asthma • Bronchiectasis • Cystic fibrosis • Emphysema • Lung transplant • Pulmonary fibrosis • An exposure to inhalants that may have caused chronic lung symptoms Talk to your provider about whether your condition qualifies.

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