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Well Baby Check-Ups

Memorial Hospital's Rural Health Clinics provide care for infants as young as 3-5 days.

Service Description

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you take your baby to the doctor for 10 checkups during their first 2 years. Recommended Ages: • 3-5 Days • 1 Month • 2 Months • 4 Months • 6 Months • 9 Months • 12 Months • 15 Months • 18 Months • 24 Months Check-Ups Include: • Physical Exam • Check your baby's growth • Assess your baby's developmental milestones, the behaviors and expected skills at each age. • Recommended Vaccinations Well Baby Check-Up Physical Exams Include: • Weight, length, and head circumference • Heartbeat and breathing • Hips, legs, arms, back and spine • Eyes • Ears and nose • Mouth and throat • Neck and underarm lymph glands • Skin for birthmarks and rashes • Stomach • Additional age specific assessment to check to see if your baby is meeting the developmental milestones for their age group Developmental Milestones: Each baby is different and may achieve milestones at a different pace. Providers track expected behaviors and skills appropriate for your baby's age to check to see if there are any delays or areas of concern. • Observe child's behaviors • Asks you about your baby's age-related accomplishments • Asks about how you and your baby are doing, and about their feeding, sleeping and development. Well Baby Vaccinations: The CDC recommends a dosing schedule to help protect children against diseases. Vaccinations are given at their recommended times upon parent consent. Recommended infant vaccinations include: • Hepatitis B • Rotavirus • Diphtheria (DTaP) • Hib • Pneumococcal Conjugate • Polio • Influenza • COVID-19 Chester Clinic participates in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program which offers vaccines at no cost to eligible children through health care providers enrolled in the program.

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