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National Immunization Awareness Month

No matter your age, gender, or where life’s journeys take you; diseases do not discriminate.

The benefits of immunization are increasingly being extended to adolescents and adults, providing protection against life-threatening diseases such as influenza, meningitis, and cancers (cervical and liver cancers).

Contact your family physician to make sure you and your family are up to date on vaccines.

Protection for your Baby. Vaccines can help keep you and your growing family healthy. Protect yourself and pass protection on to your baby.
Vaccines for Preteens and Teens. Vaccines help preteens and teens stay healthy. Ensure a healthy future with vaccines.
Protection for Children. Vaccines give parents the safe, proven power to protect their children. A healthy start begins with on-time vaccinations.
Vaccines for Adults. Adults need vaccines too. Vaccines are not just for kids.
Immunizations for School Age Children Ready for school? Check those vaccine records.

Click on the group that best describes you for more information.

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