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After Care Program at TSRC Resumes

Updated: Feb 1

Chester Memorial Hospital’s Therapy and Sports Rehab Center (TSRC) is excited to announce that as the state of Illinois moves to Phase 4 of the Reopen Illinois Plan, we will begin allowing After Care patrons to resume using our facilities again. As we move into this new phase, there will be new guidelines and regulations for you to follow in order to keep yourself, our staff and our other patrons safe. It is important that you follow these guidelines and please be patient with us as we move toward reopening.

The following is a list of changes and expectations that all patrons will be expected to follow. If you cannot follow these guidelines, you will not be permitted or will be asked to leave. Our staff continues to treat patients with medical diagnoses that require skilled treatment by our therapy team. These patients will have priority access to the equipment and facilities. Please be courteous and understanding.

New Hours:

TSRC After Care will begin June 29, 2020 along with Phase 4. We will only be open for After Care patrons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We will not increase to Tuesday and Thursday hours or open at 7 am until we are back up and running at full capacity. That date is to be determined in the future.

New Rules:

  1. There will be a limit of 5 After Care patrons in the building at one time. If there are already 5 patrons in the area when you arrive, you will have to wait until someone leaves. Please do not break this rule. This is important in order to allow us to continue to practice social distancing.

  2. Social distancing must be followed. Please keep 6 feet between yourself and all others.

  3. Patrons will have a one-hour limit per day to be in the facility.

  4. Patrons must provide and wear a mask at all times while in the building.

  5. Patrons must report to the window to be screened, use hand sanitizer and have their temperature checked immediately upon entering the building. You will be given a sticker to wear while you are in the building identifying that you have been screened for the day.

  6. Patrons must sign in and out when entering and leaving.

  7. Patrons are expected to clean all equipment you come in contact with before and after each use with the sanitizing products provided. Please wear gloves while using the sanitizer to protect yourself from the chemicals. Also, please be aware that there is a 4 minute kill time for the disinfectant to be fully effective, meaning the surface needs to remain wet with disinfectant for 4 min to kill viruses.

  8. After Care patrons will be limited to use of the main gym area with the exercise equipment. Do not enter the smaller area with treatment mats and therapy equipment, the locker rooms or any of the private therapy rooms. These areas are reserved for therapy patients only.

  9. Bring your own water bottle. The water cooler will be for therapy patients only. The water fountains will be off limits.

  10. Please read and abide by all signage posted.

  11. These procedures are subject to change without written notice as indicated in order to ensure public health and safety. We will follow the direction of our local health department and the Illinois Governor.

Please know that this is new territory for us. As things evolve, these rules will change. We appreciate your kindness and understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to call us and we will do our best to answer them. We look forward to seeing you and transitioning back to some sort of normal.

Most sincerely,

Heather Huck, OT

Rehab Clinical Leader

Chester Memorial Hospital

Therapy and Sports Rehab Center

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