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Chester Memorial Hospital and ComWell Partner to Bridge Gaps in Healthcare Continuum

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

In July 2021 ComWell and Chester Memorial Hospital joined forces to combine their quality care initiatives to bring Randolph County and surrounding areas a more comprehensive and effective approach to behavioral health care.

As the need for mental health and substance misuse services continues to increase, Chester Memorial Hospital and ComWell have worked side-by-side to provide healthcare workers and community members viable solutions that bridge the gaps in healthcare continuum.

“It is a privilege to partner with Chester Memorial Hospital to increase collaboration for behavioral health patients,” said ComWell Executive Director, Shea Haury. “Primary care providers are responsible for treating an extensive amount of behavioral health conditions, especially in rural communities. Chester Memorial Hospital continues to implement innovative models and creative solutions to meet the needs of their patients, and we are proud to support their continued integration of high-quality behavioral services into primary care.”

Through this collaborative care model, Chester Memorial welcomed ComWell Recovery Coach, Mary Holland, to their Care Coordination and Case Management Team. Holland works closely with Physicians, Nurse Managers, Supervisors and Nursing teams to help improve patient outcomes and increased access to resources and behavioral health appointments. “ComWell partnered with Memorial’s Care Coordination Team to bridge the gaps in healthcare,” said Susan Diddlebock, Chief Nursing Officer at Memorial. “The program has improved the on-site resources for our patients which facilitate better outcomes faster.”

Holland serves as an advocate to connect patients to care services that will benefit them beyond their doctor’s visit. She is able to connect patients to ComWell services, which include psychiatric and counseling services, DUI and recovery services, developmental disabilities services, residential services, educational services, and more.

“It has been a privilege to be a part of this new collaboration between Chester Memorial Hospital and ComWell,” said Holland. “Since joining the team at CMH, we have been able to increase access to mental healthcare for members of our community who may not have had the opportunity otherwise. We have improved their quality of care by streamlining communication and coordination. It is my hope that we will continue to build on and expand this program in the future, providing our community with the best care possible.”

This continued outreach provides assistance beyond the patient’s initial encounter with their physician. The resources Holland provides access to improve the quality of care the patient receives and in turn improves their quality of life.

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