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COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Updated: Feb 1

Memorial Hospital is currently accepting COVID-19 Vaccination Sign-Ups for Randolph County, IL community members 65 years of age and older. Memorial Hospital of Chester, Red Bud Regional Hospital and Sparta Community Hospital are working with the Randolph County Health Department to help vaccinate Randolph County residents! As we move into vaccinating 1B of the Illinois vaccination plan, we understand that there are many questions revolving around the distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine. Currently each Randolph County Hospital is administering vaccines through the direction of IDPH, as assigned by the Randolph County Health Department. It was recently announced that in Illinois, individuals aged 65 and older will be eligible for vaccination during the second phase of the Illinois distribution plan. In effort to efficiently move through this phase, we are asking patients of our clinics to contact us to be put on a list.

CALL: Memorial Hospital COVID Hotline 618-826-4581 ext. 1339

Or contact one of these other locations to be added to a vaccination list:

Red Bud Regional Hospital

Red Bud Health Clinic

Sign up online at


A detailed Q&A is available at

Sparta Community Hospital

Coulterville Medical Clinic 618-758-2331

Family Health Centre 618-443-3084 Marissa Medical Clinic 618-295-1591

North Campus Clinic 618-443-4138 Sparta Medical Office 618-443-4889

Steeleville Clinic 618-965-3466

Randolph County Health Department


We will then begin scheduling patients for vaccination based on age, starting with 85 and older. Please, do not call and put yourself on multiple lists; doing so will only hinder the process. If you have already called to be put on a list at Memorial Hospital or another Randolph County Hospital, we have you on our list and you do NOT need to register online. Please be patient as we work through the assigned priority groups, as mass vaccination is a huge undertaking. There are many moving pieces that include vaccine availability, delivery, storage, scheduling and timing. When we do call, we ask that you make every attempt to make the scheduled time work. Be assured, if you want to get the vaccine, we want you to get the vaccine. While there is not a charge for the vaccine itself, your insurance will be billed an administration fee. It is important to note that some entities, such as long term care facilities, assisted livings and prisons are contracted with pharmacies, who will be onsite to administer the vaccine to their residents and staff. If you have questions about the statewide vaccination plan, or where you may fall in the priority groups, please contact the health department of your residence or visit one of the following links:

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