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Nurses Nominated for DAISY Award

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The DAISY Foundation was established in 1999 by the family of Patrick Barnes. Patrick died at 33 from complications of the autoimmune disease ITP. During his hospitalization, the family was very impressed by the clinical care of the nurses who care for Pat. So much that they created a foundation to thank nurses that have grown to be international. This is their way of saying thank you to nurses for the extraordinary care they provide patients and families every day. DAISY is an acronym standing for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.

Greg Griffith, Kristina Jany, Marci Klein, Heidi Knop
Greg Griffith, Kristina Jany, Marci Klein, Heidi Knop

We are a very proud partner with DAISY as we have extraordinary nurses here at Memorial Hospital.

The healer’s touch sculpture is a hand carved sculpture made from serpentine stone and is created and signed by the Zimbabwe Sona artists. The work the artists do with the DAISY Foundation helps support hundreds in their community.

Our nominees, for the first half of 2023 are presented with a pin and certificate.

  • Marci Klein, RN

  • Jennifer Morgan, RN

  • Alicia Heinemeyer, LPN

  • Austin Gendron, RN

  • Greg Griffith, RN

  • Heide Knop, RN

  • Kim Ruebke, ER Manager

Memorial Hospital’s Daisy Award Honoree for the first half of 2023 is Kristina Jany, RN. Kristina was nominated by a patient and his wife for her extraordinary work, comfort, care, and commitment to her patients.

Brett Bollmann, CEO - Kristina Jany - Susan Diddlebock, CNO
Brett Bollmann, CEO - Kristina Jany - Susan Diddlebock, CNO

Thank you to our nurses and staff for your commitment to healing here at Memorial Hospital. We hope that you will wear your DAISY pins proudly.

Anyone can nominate a nurse for a DAISY Award. We have received nominations from coworkers, patients, and families. Nominations can be done at any time by paper or electronically at

The Kind Words Share About Our Extraordinary Nurses

Kristina Jany, RN
"We were in the ER Department for about 36 hours waiting for a transfer. Kristina was our nurse for nearly the whole time due to working two 12 hour shifts in that 36 hour period. She is professional in every aspect if her job as a caregiver. I refer to her as 'caregiver' because she uses her nursing skills to provide top quality care for her patients and their families. She always made sure we were informed about what was being done and what to expect. Questions, she was unable to answer, Kristina was quick to defer to the doctor on call, the oncologist, or our primary care."

Austin Gendron, RN

"Austin is a very helpful person. When he is in the ER, he goes way above and beyond his job. He will draw our blood for us when he doesn’t have to. He is always quick to help someone when asked. I was also a patient and he was my nurse. He was very sweet and made sure I was comfortable. He took really good care of me. I would recommend him to anyone. That is why I think he should be nominated for a DAISY."

Greg Griffith, LPN

"Greg was my husband’s nurse multiple nights while he was there on swing bed. We loved that he made my husband feel so at ease…listening to him and striving to make sure he got the rest he needed at night. He worked over and beyond to do what was asked. He never questioned my husband and helped me to be comfortable too. Him and Brian Beam, CNA, on nights make a great team and are a wonderful asset to Memorial Hospital. Greg is very deserving of this award. My husband had a bad experience at another facility and it was forgotten because of him."

Alicia Heinemeyer, LPN

"Alicia made our 7 hour ER experience much easier. My youngest daughter was the patient and Alicia made an uncomfortable situation so much better. She is so positive, uplifting, has an awesome sense of humor, but also has the ability to 'tell it like it is' when needed. She promised not to leave my daughter and even stayed after her shift was completed until my daughter was ready to be discharged. We felt so comfortable knowing she was always there. Best experience I’ve ever had with a nurse. Thank you Alicia and Memorial Hospital"

Marci Klein, RN

"I loves seeing that big smile every time she walked into the room. She seemed to always have something funny to say. Marci seemed like she really loved her job. Marci was very diligent in performing her work."

Heidi Knop, RN

"My son took me overnight to the ER after I had slipped getting out of the bathtub. I hit my face and neck very hard and blacked out. Heidi was so kind to me from the time I arrived to the time I left the ER. She is such a genuine, caring person that deserves to be recognized. I had a CAT scan done and they saw a stable fracture. Heidi rushed in to calmly and gently explain to me what was happening while she, and the sweet x-ray tech, put the neck brace on me. I was terrified. She checked on me throughout the whole process, asked if I needed anything, and is honestly probably the best nurse I have ever encountered. Thank you Heidi so much for taking such good care of me during my visit."

Jennifer Morgan, RN

"A clear following throughout your visit means everything. Doctors are very good. All of the staff worked very well together, which is everything to me. I want to nominate my nurse Jennifer Morgan for the DAISY Award."

Kim Ruebke, ER Manager

"I hadn’t been that sick for a long time. I had just moved back to southern Illinois after 42 years. Kim came in to check on me and say 'Hi.' It really touched me to see her and for her to visit. Also, everyone I interacted with was great. I could tell Dr.Ellzey truly cared. I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep because COVID was kicking my butt. I am doing much better now and really appreciate you all. I wish I could find a family doctor like Dr. Ellzey."



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