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Daschka Family Donates Items to Memorial Community Pharmacy

The Memorial Community Pharmacy received a generous donation of pharmaceutical and apothecary antiques and collectibles from the family of Donald “Don” V. Daschka in June of this year. The nostalgic memorabilia was gifted by Don’s Daughter, Michelle Daschka, along with his blessing, to the newly opened Pharmacy at Memorial Hospital. The Hospital and Pharmacy staff were saddened to hear of his passing, over the weekend, as the details for this article were being written. The collection of items throughout the retail pharmacy will be an endearing reminder of the dedication and compassion Don conveyed throughout his career.

Michelle Daschka is shown along with donated items, including mortars, pestles, an antique scale and glassware. To the right are Amy Kloos and Kathy Winkler, Memorial Hospital Community Pharmacists.
Michelle Daschka along with Pharmacists, Amy Kloos and Kathy Winkler

Donald “Don” V. Daschka
Donald “Don” V. Daschka

Don was a long-time pharmacist in Chester, IL, owning and operating his retired father’s pharmacy, Victor Drugs, until his own retirement and sale of the pharmacy in 2007. In an article by the Herald Tribune in 2007, Don reminisces about, “the soda fountain, making concoctions from scratch, weekend emergencies, and a break-in several years ago.” He witnessed many changes and advancements in drugs and medications throughout his career. The knowledge of young pharmacists and their understanding of all the new medications, enlightened him.

Don was a highly respected professional in the community and had a passion for healing and healthcare. He was a valued member of the Memorial Hospital Board as well from 1994 to 2009. Towards the end, he expressed much joy in the opening of a new small town pharmacy at the Hospital. He valued the passion and dedication of the pharmacy to provide affordable medications to the community it serves.

On behalf of Memorial Hospital and the Memorial Community Pharmacy, we want to thank the Daschka Family for their generous and thoughtful contribution of relics and keepsakes. They will be cherished with fond memories in the years to come.

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