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Memorial Hospital Hosts Junior Explorers Camp

Memorial Hospital in Chester, hosted a Junior Explorers Camp June 19-21. This 3-day camp provided educational and hands-on-activities for students entering 6th-8th grade. During the camp, the students heard from 14 hospital departments, Chester Family Dental, the Chester Fire Department, and they were trained in CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and first aid. The camp was designed as to be an extension of the Medical Explorers Program offered to High School Students throughout the school year. A scaled down version of what the Medical Explorers see in their 9-month program was adapted to fit the Junior Explorer age group and be presented in three, 7-hour days. The condensed schedule kept the students entertained and emerged in informational presentations and exercises which, provided a fun, learning environment. To goal of the Junior Explorers Camp and Medical Explorers Program is to introduce young teens to healthcare careers that may fit their interests at an early age. The programs give students a chance to learn about professions in health and wellness that they may not be aware of, broadening their knowledge of opportunities for their future.

Junior Explorers Camp Attendees 2023
Junior Explorers Camp Attendees 2023

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