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Local Photographs Selected for New MSU

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The new Medical Surgical Unit at Memorial Hospital is now open. As part of the remodel, local photographs were selected from a photography contest held at Memorial Hospital. From hundreds of previously submitted photos, 35 were selected for the nursing staff to vote on. In all, 5 photos were chosen for the main hallway and 5 were picked to be rotated throughout the 15 patient rooms. The images chosen by the nursing staff are local landscape and bridge scenes that capture the beauty of Southern Illinois and Chester. The rich colors captured by the photographers in the sun sets, sun rises, and light of the midday are the perfect finishing touches to the new space at Memorial. As patients recover in their rooms and walk the halls these images inspire hope and healing.

Winners included: Trish Adams, Dee Eggemeyer, Barb Kittell, Elijah Ledbetter, Ben Naeger, and John Reith.

Congratulations to our winners!! Each photographer was asked to share a statement:

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So very nice! We are fortunate to have a great run hospital right here in Chester, IL!

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