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Memorial Hospital's Wound Center Heals with People

Updated: Feb 1

Celebrating wound center staff and their benefit to the community

With life-threatening chronic wounds on the rise[1], there is a greater need for an integrated approach to healing in a timely, cost-effective manner. Wound healing centers often collaborate across multiple specialties in an effort to reduce the risk of complications and amputations. Memorial Hospital's Wound Center staff includes clinicians with advanced training who are the cornerstones in the treatment of patients with problem wounds.

At Memorial Hospital's Wound Center, the staff focuses on “continuity of care,” meaning that patients will be seen and treated by the same team at each visit, making the healing process less stressful on the patient and encouraging better outcomes. They are dedicated to creating a cohesive plan for treatment and maintaining consistent communication to best meet the patient’s needs.

Our team at Memorial Hospital's Wound Center is the most important element in the successful healing of the patient. Each person has the required knowledge, skills and experience to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for complex wounds.

Memorial Hospital's Wound Center is staffed by:

· Fallyn Winter, RN

· Jennifer Kosowski, LPN

Memorial Hospital's Wound Center treats all wounds. The approach to wound care is aggressive and comprehensive, yet caring and comforting. The center coordinates traditional and advanced therapies that aid and accelerate the healing process. For patients that means faster healing times, longer-lasting results, decreased amputation rates and increased mobility – all leading to a better quality of life.

The types of wounds treated include:

· diabetic foot ulcers · venous ulcers · pressure ulcers · surgical wounds · traumatic wounds · arterial ulcers · radiation wounds · compromised skin grafts and flaps · crush injuries

Memorial Hospital's Wound Center is open on Tuesdays in the Specialty Clinic. For more information about wound care or to schedule an appointment, call 618-826-4583. No referral is required.

[1] Hulen, H. (2017, June 08). Pursuing Value: The Clinical, Economic & Administrative Benefits of Utilizing an Integrated Wound Care Portfolio; from

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