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Otten Graduates Cum Laude

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Christy Otten, MBA, MT (AMT) Asst. Lab Director at Memorial Hospital

Christy Otten, MBA, MT (AMT) Asst. Lab Director, at Memorial Hospital in Chester, IL, recently graduated Cum Laude from Austin Peay State University (APSU), with a Bachelors of Science in Medical Laboratory Science.

Otten decided to further her education so she could advance in her career. With her degree, she now qualifies for a management position. A management position includes being qualified as a technical supervisor. “In order to be a technical supervisor, one must have earned a bachelor degree in chemical, physical, biological, clinical lab science, or medical technology,” explains Otten. “I had already earned an AAS in Medical Laboratory Technology, a BS in Business Administration, and an MBA in Healthcare; unfortunately these degrees did not meet the technical supervisor requirements.” She made the decision to continue her education to complete the requirements for the position. Otten is a strong believer in furthering one’s education. By continuing her education, she hopes to be a role model to her children and staff. She wants them to know it is possible to go back to school and achieve their goals. “You have to set your goals, dedicate yourself to it, and focus on the future,” says Otten.

The program Otten attended at APSU was a one-year program and was available online. These two aspects made it a great fit for her; she was able to continue to work and be home with her children while working to advance her career at the same time. Throughout the program, she connected with other classmates who were furthering their education for similar reasons. They became a support group for each other through the program and remain in touch. With her advanced degree, she hopes to be a beneficial resource to the lab and Memorial Hospital.

Otten’s dedication to commit to a program with the goal of benefiting her career makes her a role model for not only her co-workers but all staff at Memorial.

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