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Prescription Savings Card Program

Save i[ tp 80% or more on your prescriptions. Free to all Customers of Memorial Community Pharmacy

Memorial Community Pharmacy is now offering a Prescription Savings Card Program. This program is available to all patients; No account or insurance card is required. If you have a high out-of-pocket deductible, or low/no prescription drug coverage, you could save up to 80% or more on your prescriptions with this program.

How it works:

Present your card at Memorial Community Pharmacy whenever you fill a prescription from your healthcare provider. Our pharmacists will work with their networks to find the most cost saving medications for you.

Your card activates automatically!

You will become a member and start saving when you use your card for the first time. You will continue saving whenever you use your card to fill your providers' prescriptions at Memorial Community Pharmacy.

Where to find your card:

Cards are available at the Chester Clinic, Steeleville Family Practice, Memorial Hospital's Specialty Clinics and at the Memorial Community Pharmacy.

If you have questions regarding the Savings Card Program or your medications,

please contact the Pharmacy at 618-826-6134.



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