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Emergency Room

Specialized Care

Service Description

Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital and offers 24/7 emergency care. Upon arrival a triage nurse will get some basic information regarding your visit and will direct you to the appropriate location. You will be asked for information regarding why you came to the emergency department that day, obtain a brief medical history, ask about your medications and will obtain your vital signs. Patients with the most severe levels of illness are seen first. The nurses and doctors will be working to see you as quickly as possible. Tests and treatments will be ordered based on your current illness and symptoms. The emergency department medical staff may need to consult with specialty physicians as part of your care. Once a diagnosis is made, the emergency department medical staff will determine if you are able to be discharged or need to be admitted. If you are being discharged, your treatment will be completed and you will be given specific information about what to do after your visit. This may include following up with your primary care doctor or other medical staff.

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