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Dr. James Kirkpatrick

Dr. James Kirkpatrick, M.D., PhD
Family Medicine

Dr. James Kirkpatrick is board certified in family medicine. Originally from Imperial, Missouri, he received a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Science at the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2009.  He attended medical school at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, receiving his medical doctorate in 2013.  In 2016, he completed family medicine residency at University of Missouri – Kansas City, followed by a fellowship in primary care Geriatric Medicine in June 2017, and received his board certification in geriatrics in 2019.  Dr. Kirkpatrick joined the Memorial Hospital team August 2017. He enjoys providing care to patients in the outpatient clinic, nursing home, and hospital setting, and is passionate about building relationships with his patients to bring about the highest quality health care.

Dr. Kirkpatrick chose Memorial Hospital as his primary practice due to the autonomy and freedom he has in how he provides care for his patients. He feels support from his colleagues and staff. He enjoys living in Chester and being able to care for the community he lives in. When asked what his favorite thing was about the Family Practice, he summed it up in one word, "Community." From him, the greatest reward in his career is the successes he has had in treating patients. 

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