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Dr. Platt Retires With 46 Years of Service

Dr. Stephen Platt
Dr. Stephen Platt

October 31, 2023 is Dr. Stephen Platt’s last day as a Family Healthcare Physician at Memorial Hospital’s Rural Health Clinics. He has served 46 years as a family doctor in Chester, IL. Memorial Hospital hosted a retirement party for him at the Chester Country Club on October 29.

Dr. Platt began his practice alongside Doctors Isreal Newmark (1934) and Milton Zemlyn (1946) on July 11, 1977. During that time, Dr. Newmark and Dr. Zemlyn were the lead physicians at the Chester Clinic and part of the Medical Staff at Memorial Hospital. Dr. Platt has served on the Medical Staff and as an Emergency Room Physician at Memorial during his 46 years, and has plans to continue his care in the ER following his retirement.

Dr. Platt was drawn to Chester to practice Family Medicine, because his brother Dr. Robert Platt was a dentist in town. He also liked the location, it was close enough to tertiary care, but far enough away to be independent. "Memorial is a wonderful facility, always improving and applying new technology." Through the years he has appreciated the responsive administration and Hospital Board. "The high quality standards and resultant along with quality reputation, medical staff and consultants make Memorial Hospital a wonderful place to work," states Dr. Platt.

He has enjoyed working with the team of nurses, providers, and staff who provide patient centered care to the community. His colleges have always been supportive and professional. He has fond memories of the stories from Dr. Newmark and Dr. Zemlyn. "Dr. Newmark loved to tell jokes, but often got laughing so hard at the punch line he could barely get it out." He values the knowledge and skills he learned during surgical procedures with Dr. Zemlyn and delivering babies. Dr. Platt and his early colleagues played a vital role in building the Chester Clinic, which broke ground in 1982.

Dr. Platt at his retirement party.
Dr. Platt at his retirement party.

During Dr. Platt's 46 years of service, he has witnessed many improvements to the healthcare field, some that stand out to him are the expansion of the surgery and emergency departments at Memorial, the new technology equipment that has been added, especially for imaging (i.e. ultrasound, C.T., MRI), improvements to laboratory services and upgrades in the EMR (electronic medical records) system.

He has enjoyed the patient relationships he has made through the years. "I will miss the patients' trust for me to provide their care, and the education and teaching I was able to provide to them. I am grateful for those who have shared physical and emotional problems with me and allowed me to care for them." One of his favorite things has been his interactions with staff and teaching them as well, he will miss their banter and fun times.

As he enters the next phase and embarks on retirement, he looks forward to spending more time with his wife Diane, family and friends, and completing more projects at home and in the community. He plans to travel more and enjoy more recreational activities exercising, fishing, hunting, cycling, and skiing.

Dr. Platt has been a valued asset to Memorial and the community during his remarkable career. He has not just been a Family Physician, but also a trusted friend and an inspiration to us all. We thank you Dr. Platt for your incredible contributions, and may your retirement be filled with joy, relaxation, and many new adventures,” said Brett Bollmann, CEO.

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