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Art Guild Displays Artwork at Hospital

Members of the Mississippi Valley Art Guild: Melanie Barker, Bitzie Lindsey Link, Barbara McCormick, John Reith.

Memorial Hospital of Chester has a newly remodeled patient registration area at their main entrance. This new area provides the perfect space for local artists to show off their talents. Memorial is working with members of the Mississippi Valley Art Guild to assist in decorating the space in the waiting area. Currently on display is artwork from Guild members: Melanie Barker, Frankie Eggemeyer Veath, Bitzie Rachell Link, Barbara McCormick, and Jeanne Phillips. The colorful collection ranges from abstract pour paintings to historical renderings and every few months the artworks will be switched out with other pieces from the artists of the Guild.

The Guild participates in several art shows throughout the year and has relationships with other guilds in Southern Illinois. Classes are offered by the Guild, along with, support, advice, training and fellowship for artists of all ages, abilities, and mediums. “Memorial is honored to work with such talented artists to help decorate our walls,” stated Mariah Bargman, Community Relations Coordinator. The collaboration provides the perfect opportunity for community members to be recognized for their abilities and the hospital is happy to have a blank canvas for their artwork to be on display for all to see.

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