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Employee Service Awards & Israel D. Newmark Memorial Winner 2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Memorial Hospital hosted their Fall Party at the VFW in Chester on Friday, November 8th. Many employees were celebrated for their years of service. Brett Bollmann, CEO, presented the following employees with their Service Awards: 5 Years, Randi Belton, Valerie Blechle, Tammy Clements, CyBill DeRousse, Amelia Goetz, Trevor Kelkhoff, Joetta McFarland, Debra Mevert, Angeal Mohring, Amanda Rhyne, David Salger, and Kristi Williams. 10 Years, Angeal Albertini, Vicki Hamer, Jamie Hess, Laurie Richardet, and Linda Stern. 15 Years, Lisa Larose, Allyson McGee, Emily Schroeder, Debra Stenberg, and Denise Wilson. 20 Years, Renee Brown, Carrie Jo Dierks, and Tara Wittenborn. 25 Years, Dr. Lisa Lowry-Rohlfing and Reta Mott. 30 Years, Kenneth Stout. 40 Years, Debra Herring. 45 Years, Linda Rellergert.

2019 Retirees – Brenda Hopfer, Elizabeth Shemonic, Leona Allwardt, Michelle Jany, Kenneth Stout, Brett Bollmann, CEO

Following the Service Awards, the 2019 retirees were recognized for their years of services as well. Those honored, included: Michelle Jany – 11 years, Leona Allwardt – 15 years, Mila Biermann – 16 years, Elizabeth Shemonic – 20 years, Sandra Degenhardt – 25 years, Brenda Hopfer – 26 years, and Kenneth Stout – 30 years.

Newmark Award – Dr. Platt, Adrienne Caby, Brett Bollmann CEO

The 2019 Israel D. Newmark Memorial Award winner was also announced. This year’s winner, Adrienne Caby, was presented with a plaque by Chief of Staff, Dr. Stephen Platt. Caby has worked as an RN in the surgery department for the past nine years and prior to that she worked on med surge for seven years. Dr. Platt read the following words from her coworkers, “[She] has put in countless hours with Cerner making updates to better serve her department and the hospital. She is not only a member of our team but a true example of a leader and teacher. She is always ready to learn new skills and has participated in continuing education, with this training she is now able to provide specialty services to patients in our community. She wears many hats and is willing to stay over when things are running late. She goes above and beyond with taking calls regarding orders and charges that can take many hours to research and find the solution.” Caby, had these words to say about her career at Memorial, “ I love the small community and staff that feels like family. We have the opportunity to develop more personalized care to our patients. I also really enjoy the surgery environment, it is an interesting and constantly changing role.”

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